Pugs originated in China (BC 206 to AD 200). The Emperors of China prized the pug and treated them royally. Pugs came to Europe in the 1600s when China started trading with Europe. Pugs were brought to North America after the civil war.

You might say they are a lot of dog in a small space. Pugs cant help but make you smile at their funny face, shoved in nose, wrinkles and big eyes. Pugs can be playful but also very dignified. They weigh between 15 and 20 pounds depending on if they are overweight. They tend to be from 10 – 14 inches at the shoulder. Pugs have a short coat with a tendency to shed. They are one person owners, and I mean they own their person, anyone else is just there to make their life comfortable (meaning me). They like to eat and protect their food so pugs tend toward being overweight unless they get a fair amount of exercise, and they love going for walks, especially to the beach where they can chase crabs and birds, or even a stick. And they don’t ever want to quit.
They come in a few colors, fawn color being the most often seen, but also black, brindle and a rare few white. They have a curled up tail, and they under jaw usually extends a bit further than the top of their mouth. They are smart dog and can learn new things if they are willing! They are good watch dogs, hearing every little sound, even a leaf falling off a tree. Pugs wheeze, snort, snuffle, grunt and snore loudly! When they drink water they tend to slobber water all over.

So I don’t know if this makes you want a pug for a dog, but once you have one you will be endeared to it! ┬áThese are pictures of our pug, Oskar.