I have lots of Aloe Vera growing in my yard and besides being a beautiful plant that requires little maintenance, the plant has many uses. Aloe grows in hot dry climates and produces a gel and latex which are used in making medicines. The gel is the clear jelly like substance in the leaf and the latex is just under the plants skin and is yellow.

Aloe can be taken orally or on the skin. Some of the conditions that Aloe is useful for are for high cholesterol, weight loss, diabetes, hepatitis, inflamed bowel diseases, ulcers, fever, inflammation and many other ailments. Aloe vera is excellent on your skin if you have a burn, sunburn or dry skin. I have used the aloe gel in a smoothie too.

Aloe vera contains over 70 properties including vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugars, etc. Some products claim the name aloe vera, but quite often have other ingredients that are not good for you. If you can, find aloe vera in a pure form to get the most benefits.

There is much more to know about aloe vera and its benefits to your health.