Ctenosaura similis


These two pictures are of the iguana that lives with us!






Ctenosaura similis (black iguana) sounds like a small dinosaur!    We have one living in our back yard in a small wood pile. Constant entertainment for Oskar and Chica, our two little dogs. Black Iguanas are natives to Mexico and Central America.    This one of the fastest running species of lizard. Yikes, they are capable of growing to 1.3 meters.    They can have a crest of long spines down the centre of their backs. Black iguanas are excellent climbers and I have seen them go straight up a brick fence with little effort.    They prefer a habitat where there are lots of crevices to hide in.

Black iguanas like to eat flowers, leaves, stems and fruit but will eat smaller animals, eggs, and bugs.    I know our black iguana loves to eat the outer parts of papaya and other fruit scraps i give him.

Male black iguanas show dominance and interest in females with head bobbing.    Once he catches her, within 8 to 10 weeks the female will dig a nest and lay up to 30 eggs that hatch in 90 days.   The babies  once hatched crawl out of the sand.    They are typically green with brown markings when they are young.