Its been one month since we started our Slendriix Weight Loss Program.  It continues to be easy to follow, 1250 calories is enough for your day and not feel hungry, especially with Slendriix Drops, using Pure Nourish shakes and Nutrifii Supplements.

My numbers for the month are:       9.2 pounds and 7 inches       which I am very happy with and am now ready for month two.  This is the best I have ever done in all my adult years of trying to lose weight.  Usually I start the day and by mid-day I am already discouraged and cheating and starting over again in the morning to repeat, repeat!!  This plan from the start has been awesome, the first few days I will admit hunger pangs (or hunger thoughts would be more like it).  Since then it goes pretty good, even when we eat out there are always things you can eat without going off the plan.   If you are interested in giving this a try, please contact me, I will help you along the way with any issues you may have.  I have had none, but others might occasionally have questions that need to be resolved!!   contact me at if you are curious to find out about the plan.  Good luck!