Our weight loss journey

Well its been 3 weeks now that Ad and I have been on the SLENDRIIX WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM, using the Pure Nourish Shakes as well as Slendriix and Xceler8!  Here are our results to date:


Ad lost 5 pounds and 3.5 inches!  Blood sugar average for 2 weeks  6.4

Terry lost 7.4 pounds and 4 inches! Blood sugar average for 2 weeks 5.4

The journey has just begun and will continue until we get where we want to go.  I admit we have had some challenges, but a couple of minor set backs is nothing compared to our benefits so far.  We sleep better, blood sugars are easier to manage.  No more snacking after 7 pm, which is huge for us!  The plan is easier to stay on than I anticipated and gets easier as we go!  Its easy to go out to dinner, we just have a salad with grilled chicken or a steak, veggies and a salad,  no problem at all, you can always find something on the menu that is safe to eat.   We have had the occasional glass of wine but generally avoid alcohol, which is no problem either!

We are using the Nutrifii supplements, Pure Nourish Shakes and Slendriix and Xceler8 drops!!

I will check in again in a couple of weeks to report our further progress!