Watch for the results!!

We have been on our new food plan for 9 days now, this is amazing for me, I usually quit after 2 or 3 days!   I have lost 5 pounds and a couple of inches and I am watching for the light at the end of tunnel.  Its quite a ways off!  But I am determined to get there.  Ad has lost 3 pounds and 3 inches!!  Men always do better dont they!   The Slenderiix is working amazingly, no hunger pains, and revamping our eating plan.  No snacks after 7 pm which usually was a feeding frenzy after supper.  We are also on Nutrifii Minerals, Vitamins and Omega-Q.   No alcohol either.  Sounds like a boring life, but we are eating so healthy now, we should be off our meds, and Ad is a diabetic and taking way less insulin now.  Lets keep it up!!