Monthly Archives: April 2016

Watch for the results!!

We have been on our new food plan for 9 days now, this is amazing for me, I usually quit after 2 or 3 days!   I have lost 5 pounds and a couple of inches and I am watching for the light at the end of tunnel.  Its quite a ways off!  But I […]

Pure Nourish

My morning ritual is to have a smoothie for breakfast, my favorite is Pure Nourish with the Chocolate Boost for energy and a handful of frozen raspberries and add a few blueberries on top!! Its a yummy satisfying breakfast that keeps me going until lunch!!  Want to try one?  Check out my website to see […]


SENTRY BLEND IS EXCELLENT FOR CLEANING THE AIR IN YOUR HOUSE. The cinnamon, clove, tea tree oil and other naturally cleansing extracts of this blend disinfect you and your home naturally, leaving a beautifully clean fragrance. This fragrant and naturally antiseptic blend keeps you clean inside and out.  if you want to try it contact […]


  If you are interested in trying a new way to lose weight, this is a very easy plan.  Slenderiiz drops, along with a Pure Nourish shake in the morning and regular meals the rest of the day with a snack for a total calorie in take of 1250.  People say well of course you […]


WHO WANTS TO START THE 3X WEIGHT LOSS WITH ME??  ITS ALWAYS BETTER IF YOU HAVE SOME SUPPORT!  CLICK ON THE LINK TO JOIN AND LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU WANT TO START!   The link on the picture doesnt work, but the following link can tell you all about it!!  We need 2 months […]