Turtles, želvy, Schildkröten, 거북이, kaplumbağalar, Tortugas, yah,yah, yah!!

rollo and square pretzels and pecans,1479503_632974823430454_570243203_n

If you like Turtles, these are easy to make for the holiday season!!  Just use the little square pretzels, top with a rollo candy  put in the oven at 350 for 4 – 5 minutes, take out and put a pecan on top and gently squish the rollo candy down, dont squish to hard or the rollo will be all over the pan.  The pecans are nice if you roast them for a bit first.  Let them cool and put in the refrigerator.  Before you serve them take them out to warm up a bit.