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I started this blog to help people attain good health and financial freedom.  So I would like to tell you my story: I worked in banking for 35 years, which gave us a liveable lifestyle with modest savings for retirement. I retired at 58 to take advantage of the retirement benefit program which was changing […]

SLENDRIIX – weight loss

A Randomized, Blind, Placebo-Controlled Cross-Over Study: Exploring the relationship of an exclusive homeopathic weight loss tincture combined with therapeutic nutrition in relation to reversal of visceral adipose fat tissue stores and serum inflammatory markers, which indicate risk factors for leading causes of death, including congestive heart disease and hormone-related cancers. The placebo-controlled study evaluates subjects’ […]


This is incredible!   Fabio was able to test out the new Jouvè product to help with is acne scars. Instant satisfaction. This product is going to help a lot of people make a lot of money! Less then 24 hours before the product launch. The pre-order list is filling up fast. Message me if […]

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