I started this blog to help people attain good health and financial freedom.  So I would like to tell you my story:

I worked in banking for 35 years, which gave us a liveable lifestyle with modest savings for retirement. I retired at 58 to take advantage of the retirement benefit program which was changing that year, and have been retired for 10 years now.

What I did not like about my past was the limitations on how much i could earn and save. And over the past 10 years some of my savings had to be used for living. When you are retired for a while it feels like you are checked out of life as you knew it. You wonder if you still have value.

I have been thinking over the past year how I could improve our lifestyle, we spend 6 months of the year in Mexico and 6 months in Canada, which in the long run probably costs us more than just staying in Canada. But we have always loved to travel and didnt want to be limited in that regard. One day I was talking with our son Darryl about a business he is involved in and it sounded like a solution for us. With some smart planning I would be able to achieve my goal of good health and financial freedom. They sell weight loss products, supplements, essential oils and a few other excellent products. The company has integrity and cares about their employees.

This new future is taking me out of my comfort zone, I am gaining more value in my life again, after being away from the workforce for 10 years. I am meeting more people and learning how I can get involved in life again. The future looks very bright!

Do you think this is something you might be interested in?  Send me an email and we can chat: