SLENDRIIX – weight loss

A Randomized, Blind, Placebo-Controlled Cross-Over Study:

Exploring the relationship of an exclusive homeopathic weight loss tincture combined with therapeutic nutrition in relation to reversal of visceral adipose fat tissue stores and serum inflammatory markers, which indicate risk factors for leading causes of death, including congestive heart disease and hormone-related cancers. The placebo-controlled study evaluates subjects’ hormonal, physiological, and physical responses to: a patented blend of homeopathic ingredients, (herein after referred to as “Slenderiix”), in conjunction with the methyl-form of B vitamins compounded with adaptogenic herbs, (herein after referred to as Xceler8, and when employed compatibly, are known as The Slenderiiz Weight Loss Program); therapeutic nutrition, optimal hydration from purified water; appropriate nutritional supplementation for optimal metabolism; a detoxifying restorative blend of zeolite minerals and nutrient dense green super-foods, (herein after referred to as “Restoriix”); and a whole food antioxidant-based energy and focus formula for enhanced dopamine utilization and neurotransmitter communication, (herein after referred to as Rejuveniix). Results found subjects using Slenderiiz lost more than twice as much weight when compared to subjects who just limited daily food intake to1250 calories, without using Slenderiiz products. Greater improvement in rate of loss and total amount of loss was attained related to whether subjects consumed Slenderiiz products along with foundational Nutritional Supplements and detoxifying with Restoriix, as well as with the addition of Rejuveniix to all of the above. Visceral adipose fat tissue measures and serum inflammatory markers that indicate health risks were improved. Serum measures related to cholesterol and triglycerides were significantly improved. The cardiac inflammation metric HS-CRP was significantly reduced and blood sugar levels related to glucose, HbA1C and insulin were also improved. Finally, physical, psychological and emotional changes in the subjects were observed. Subjects losing weight at an increased rate noted increased enthusiasm, energy, and confidence. The psychological impact of being empowered with the knowledge and ability to create a powerfully positive metabolic shift, especially within such a short period of time, was transformational for all test subjects taking ARIIX products, rather than calorie reduction alone.