slenderiiz nut butter cups

Move over”Reeses” PureNourish, MOA, Sesame Butter and Carob join together creating an approved frozen sweet treat loaded with protein, antioxidants, phosophrus, calcium and good fats .

For the Base:
3 Tablespoons PureNourish
3 Tablespoons Sesame Butter (Tahini)
3 Tablespoons Water
In a small bowl whip with a fork the PureNourish and Sesame Butter with water until it is a well blended paste. Making sure your sesame butter has already been stirred before using. Pack the paste in 6 depressions of an ice cube tray that has been sprayed with coconut oil for easy removal of pieces after frozen. Each depression should hold 1 Tablespoon of paste .

For Topping:
1 Tablespoon of MOA
1 Tablespoon of Carob Powder (healthy alternative to chocolate)
1/4 Teaspoon Vanilla
In a small bowl wisk with a fork the above ingredients until smooth.Spoon about 1 Teaspoon of the Carob sauce on top of the 6 portions and freeze.The sauce makes just enough for all 6 pieces. Remove treats after they are hard frozen and store in a zip-lock bag in your freezer. Yield 6 large pieces that can be cut in half if you wish. Calories 82; fat Calories 41; Protein 4.1; Carbs. 6.8 per 1 piece.
Tips: Treats need to be eaten frozen or partially frozen because even though the bottom part holds it’s form the carob sauce melts. I eat the pieces with a toothpick. Also, because they are very large pieces you may cut them in half and you will be satisfied!


I can help you with some of the ingredients!!