Monthly Archives: August 2015

Mexican fiesta

I got my casserole ready to bake, and just finished making some mini cheese cakes and mini chocolate cakes!  Hopefully they will be yummy and they are grain free to boot!

Mexican Fiesta

We are attending my brother`s annual Mexican Fiesta tomorrow.  The requirement to attend is to bring a Mexican food item.  So my plan is to make a Mexican casserole without using grains, instead of the usual Mexican Enchilada Casserole that I usually bring!!  We will see how it works out, uses a cauliflower base instead […]

thoughts for today

Reading and seeing so many videos on the internet, reminds me that if you want to attain anything in life you have to step our of your comfort zone and go for your goals.  You are what you want in your future!  Don’t be complacent about your life,  you only have today so make it the best […]

MOA formula a super nutritional blend

MOA ARIIX’s Introduces MOA, a Super Nutrition Blend of super foods Mother Nature has to offer. Free of preservatives and other toxins, MOA is packed with purees, extracts, whole fruits, vegetables and herbs uniquely assembled to be the best, most unique liquid formula on the market today. The MOA formula has been thoroughly researched to […]

The Surprising Benefits of Weight Loss…..

We all know that attaining a healthy weight boosts your health, energy and longevity, but you might be pleasantly surprised at the extra benefits that dropping even 10 or 20 pounds will produce. As if the known benefits weren’t inspiration enough, here are some surprising perks you might find when you drop the weight. You’ll […]