MOA formula a super nutritional blend



ARIIX’s Introduces MOA, a Super Nutrition Blend of super foods Mother Nature has to offer. Free of preservatives and other toxins, MOA is packed with purees, extracts, whole fruits, vegetables and herbs uniquely assembled to be the best, most unique liquid formula on the market today.

The MOA formula has been thoroughly researched to capture the essence of nature and ensure the very best possible health benefits for you and your family. Simply stated, MOA is the world’s most perfectly balanced Super Nutrition Blend available.

Fill your day with MOA and give your body the essential nutrients it needs to be healthy and balance.


Mango Puree | Agave Syrup | Pomegranate Juice Concentrate | Blackberry Juice Concentrate | Plum Juice Concentrate | Pear Juice Concentrate | Cranberry Juice Concentrate | Sour Cherry Juice Concentrate | Prune Juice Concentrate | Black Currant Juice Concentrate | Noni Juice Concentrate | Mangosteen Fruit Puree | Goji Berry Puree | Acai Juice | Aloe Vera Gel | Acerola Juice | Peach Juice Concentrate | Reishi Mushroom | Apple Juice Concentrate | Elderberry Juice Concentrate | Guar Gum | Bergamot Orange Fruit Extract | Cordyceps Mushroom | Shiitake Mushroom | White Tea Leaf Extract | Nigella Sativa | Natural Flavor | Maitake Mushroom Extract | Grape Seed Extract | Strawberry Fruit | Green Tea Leaf Extract | Black Pepper Fruit Extract | Blueberry Fruit | Elderberry Fruit | Orange Fruit | Kelp Leaf | Turmeric Root Powder | Potassium Sorbate