The Surprising Benefits of Weight Loss…..

We all know that attaining a healthy weight boosts your health, energy and longevity, but you might be pleasantly surprised at the extra benefits that dropping even 10 or 20 pounds will produce. As if the known benefits weren’t inspiration enough, here are some surprising perks you might find when you drop the weight.

You’ll think better: People who are at a healthy weight perform better on cognitive tests than those who are overweight, according to studies published in the journal Neurology. Unhealthy weight can lead to impaired memory, attention and learning skills now, and an increased risk for dementia as you age.

You’ll sleep better: More fat around the neck means more obstruction while sleeping, leading to sleep apnea, a disorder typically caused by an obstructed airway. Sleep apnea continually interrupts sleep, hampering the body’s ability to heal and recharge at rest. Studies have shown that weight loss can reduce the severity of mild to moderate sleep apnea. Bottom line? Lose the fat and you’ll not only breathe better, you’ll sleep better.

You’ll work better: Maintaining a healthy weight and fitness level can also improve your work life. When bosses, colleagues or employees see you eating nutritious foods and prioritizing your health, they are more likely to perceive you as an outcome-driven leader with clear priorities and a successful track record. And they will feel confident that you can take care of business the same way you are taking care of yourself.

You’ll spend better: A kitchen full of healthy and nutritious foods that support your weight loss goals can be your bank account’s best friend. Crossing fat and sugar-laden prepackaged snacks and foods off your grocery list can save you thousands per year. Cutting back on fast food and eating out at restaurants as much and you’ll add even more zeros to your savings. Now you can see why they say “healthy, wealthyand wise.”

The best part of these benefits is that they all work together to help you achieve a healthy weight, become more confident and make health, fitness and proper nutrition a natural part of your everyday life. The better you feel the more energy and confidence you’ll have. Which, of course, reinforces your healthy lifestyle. It’s a beautiful circle, indeed.