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A new take on weight loss!

  PureNourish is more nutrient dense, per calorie, when compared to similar products. PureNourish is devoid of empty sugars thereby reducing caloric intake without sacrificing daily nutritional requirements.Unlike most shake products, PureNourish is entirely free of soy, preservatives, dairy, genetically modified organisms or wheat and its protein composite gluten. This makes PureNourish safe to drink […]

Quinoa Chia Bars

QUINOA CHIA BARS 3 DIFFERENT WAYS Basic Recipe: 2 Heaping Tablespoons Carob 2 Scoops PureNourish ¼ Cup Quinoa Pre-Soaked 3 Tablespoon Chia Seeds 1/3 Cup MOA or Cranberry Juice Unsweetened 1/8 Teaspoon Baking Powder (non-aluminum) ½ Teaspoon Vanilla 1/16 Teaspoon Stevia or to Taste Pre-Soak ¼ cup Quinoa seeds in water to cover overnight or […]

A GOOD & EFFECTIVE SAMPLE RECIPE FOR THE ARIIX SLENDERIIX & XCELER8 WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM For Breakfast Take ARIIX Slenderiix Drops (10-15 drops or .75 ml) Take ARIIX Xceler8 (15 drops) 1 cup cereal (All Bran, Kashi Go Lean, Kashi Mighty Bites, Ezekiel 4:9, Nature’s Path Flax Plus and General Mills Cheerios are good low […]

S0me of the many products in the Ariix family. Nutrifii is a collection of premium supplements that combine the essential nutrients your body needs in the most comprehensive blends available today. To prevent disease and to protect cells against gene mutation brought on by malnutrition, Nutrifii supplies optimal doses of both essential vitamins as well […]

Lets take responsibility for our health

  its time to start looking after our health and our children’s health!  I believe all disease is caused by what we put in our bodies!  Lets start being more aware, we will extend our lives and they will be healthier!


How many of you enjoy a smoothie for breakfast?  Its my breakfast of choice now and quite often my lunch as well.  I now use Pure Nourish after finding out it doesnt have any sugar in it like other protein drinks.  It is only 110 calories for the base and then a bit more when […]


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